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Project Description

Grief and Bereavement

Ages 5-125




Grief is an emotion that impacts us across the spheres of functioning; it taps into the psychological, emotional, social, physical and spiritual components of our being. What helps us through the normal responses to grief are the ways in which we express them.  T’here are many types of loss, and each one is felt and expressed differently.  We grieve loss in pain, sadness, relief, silence and in isolation.  We experience loss through bereavement, and we mourn loss through rituals.  Understanding the process takes a gentle and skilled hand.  Let me take yours and walk you through the common stages and the grief tasks required. Grief is a process, not a one night event.

  • Normal Grief

  • Loss of a parent, sibling, spouse, partner, child

  • End of Life Planning Steps

  • Special types of losses

  • Guilt and Blame

  • Mourning

  • Complicated Grief

When we grieve, it is for ourselves; how we share grief is at our own comfort level. There is no statute of limitations on sorrow, and tears are a cleansing gift.


At Counseling, Tea and Therapy, PLLC, we want all people to feel welcomed into a safe and comfortable space.  A therapeutic experience is oftentimes similar to an unanticipated good cry; the difference is, after the crying, the work of clarity and healing begins.  If your goal is simply directional, choosing a path or re-discovering you, we want in. We have a small, yet intimate setting which practices fidelity in honoring people and confidences.  You don’t have to go it alone, your SOGIE is accepted AND respected.