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Project Description

Adoption, Fostering and Aging Out


The Good News Is…

You are the GIFT–without you, the family you made would have missed the joy and genuine love, trust, and pride your very presence created.  No, not everyone has the same story, and yes, every story has its own complex layers; some with ups and downs, some without, just like every other family.  If you are wanting to talk about your story, share your journey, reach clarity of your innermost thoughts, and seek the desires of your heart…join us in a safe and welcoming space where we will chat and develop a caring therapeutic relationship.  I promise to listen, not judge and accept you as you are. After all, I have a story of my own.

  • Attachment issues

  • Adoptee-Adopter

  • Internal Conflict

  • Depression and Loss

  • Secrecy and Shame

  • Adoption Trauma

  • Fear of Abandonment

  • I’m Eighteen, Now What?

Take Time for Yourself.  You deserve it.

It’s your time to take a moment to process and attend to your needs.  The world will keep churning. 

Stop, and B-r-e-a-t-h-e.


At Counseling, Tea and Therapy, PLLC, we want all people to feel welcomed into a safe and comfortable space.  A therapeutic experience is oftentimes similar to an unanticipated good cry; the difference is, after the crying, the work of clarity and healing begins.  If your goal is simply directional, choosing a path or re-discovering you, we want in. We have a small, yet intimate setting which practices fidelity in honoring people and confidences.  You don’t have to go it alone, your SOGIE is accepted AND respected.